The Effect of Marketing Mix on Customer Ownership Decisions Savings BRITAMA at PT. Bank BRI Katamso Branch, Yogyakarta

  • Santi Budiman STIE Isti Ekatana Upaweda Yogyakarta
  • R. Rajindra Universitas Muhammadiyah, Palu
Keywords: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical Evidence, Process, Costumer Decisions


The purpose of this study was to analyze whether the marketing mix strategy in the form of products, prices, promotions, places, employees, physical evidence, and processes had a simultaneous and partial effect on customer decisions in choosing BRITAMA savings at PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia Katamso Branch, Yogyakarta. Do all antecedent variables (e.g., product, price, place, promotion, employee, physical evidence, and process) partially influence the customer's decision in choosing BRITAMA savings at PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia Katamso Branch, Yogyakarta. This study analyzes 100 respondents who are customers of PT. Bank BRI Katamso Branch, Yogyakarta. The unit of analysis tool used is multiple linear regression. The results of this study indicate that based on the partial test Product and Place have a positive but insignificant effect while price, promotion, employees, physical evidence and processes have a positive and significant effect, while the results of the simultaneous test of products, prices, places, employees, physical evidence and processes have a positive and significant effect. simultaneous positive and insignificant effect on Customer Decisions.


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